Nov 18, 2012

Construction Connections:

An Urban League Job Training Program That Works.  

  • Construction Connections is an eight-week Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program designed to prepare participants for a career in the construction industry.
  • The progr
    am is a collaboration between the Urban League and Allied Construction Industries and focuses on soft skill development as well as technical instruction.
  • Upon completion of the 172-hour program each student is equipped with: a National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core Curriculum Certificate, Registration in the NCCER's National Registry, Bobcat Certification, and OSHA 10.

Results 2010-2011
  • 102 People Enrolled in the Program
  • 94 Men and Women Graduated (92% Completion Rate)
  • 81 Individuals Employed (86% Placement Rate)
A BIG thanks to the Ohio Department of Transportation for funding this program.

Nov 12, 2012


Children need many skills and tools in life to grow and succeed. The Urban League recognizes that one organization cannot meet all the needs that children have. So in our AFTER SCHOOL LEAGUE, we stick to the basics to bolster academic success and prepare students for life from South Avondale, Rockd...
ale Academy and Woodward Career Technical High School. We provide free tutoring in math and reading, we serve as positive adult role models and we interact with each child on a one-on-one basis. And we provide each student with the opportunity to be a kid--to play games, to be active, and to create through art and other media.

The numbers: In just the last year alone we helped 444 students, providing 1,422 hours of individual tutoring and another 985 hours of group tutoring.

FACT--"Children living in poverty, without financial resources and who are also struggling to read, are less likely to graduate, putting them in “double jeopardy.” For children who were poor for at least one year and not reading on grade level in third grade, more than one-quarter (26 percent) didn’t finish high school – a rate that is six times higher than that for proficient readers" --Annie E. Casey Foundation Study.

The Urban League believes EVERY child is special, and by providing these 444 children with a little EXTRA attention we have the ability to affect a REAL impact on the rest of their lives.