May 20, 2010

Action Alert - National Urban League President: "Save Summer Jobs."

Dear Friend,

We must ACT NOW to save Summer Youth Employment in America!

Last week $600 million to fund 300,000 summer jobs for youth was stripped from the Senate FY 2010 Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill.  This same bill provides $33.45 billion for the Department of Defense.

The Appropriations Committee has turned its back on America's youth.  WE ARE OUTRAGED and determined to push for restoration of funding for a crucial pipeline to empowerment. 

There is an opportunity to restore at least $600 million for Summer Jobs funding by including it in another bill.  Summer Jobs provide a foundation for a solid work ethic and invaluable experience that gives young people a clear advantage that lasts throughout their working life. A year without them will have devastating consequences for millions of American youth and their families.  In 2009, the unemployment rate for all teens was 24.8% and 33.6% for Black teens.

Many of you will feel the impact personally as your own children and those in your community face the threat of a summer without earnings and essential job training.  I am calling on you to join a nationwide effort to compel the Senate to amend the legislation to Make Jobs Not War.

I'm asking each of you to do the following: (Visit for full details)
CALL, FAX and EMAIL your U.S. Senators

CALL the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 an operator will direct you to your Senator's office. Simply say "I am outraged and want Senator________ to vote to immediately restore at least $600 million for Summer Youth Employment BEFORE the Senate leaves for Memorial Day recess."

FAX: Download our template at  Numbers can be
found at

Click here to use our automated system to EMAIL your Senators

SIGN our petition to restore funding for summer youth employment

View a special message from me and then Tell us YOUR story!  How has summer youth employment enhanced your life?  What impact will a summer without youth jobs have on you and your family/community?

Respond via YouTube or send us an email message or video to

I know I can count on you ACT.  We must do it now BEFORE the holiday recess.  Tell the Senate that we will not stand for them to fund wars and neglect our youth!

BE Empowered!

Marc H. Morial
President and CEO