May 20, 2010

Cincinnati Urban League To Receive Award May 30

The Urban League of Greater been selected to be one of this years' recipients of "The I Hear Music In The Air Ministry Award".

In its letter to Urban League President/CEO Donna Jones Baker, Tracey Artis, the CEO of I Hear Music Inc. noted:

"You are being honored for your work performed in excellence and generosity to the Greater Cincinnati community... You are an advocate for those who are at risk of racial and economic disadvantages through programs that promote economic self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship through effective leadership in the areas of comprehensive employment, youth and family development."

The League will be honored and receive its award at the annual "I Hear Music in the Air Legends Banquet" to be held on Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 5:00 pm in the Main Ballroom of The Westin Hotel located at 21 E,. 5th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Information about I Hear Music is available at